The Definitive 27 Worst Band Names, Like, EVAR!

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The music biz is full of loveable misfits when it comes to band names.

Some bands have great songs and lame names others just erm.... completely bite in every possible way.

NamePistol now proudly exposes the 27 worst offenders...


Die-hard fans of the names in this list may wish to note that we wholeheartedly may love some of the music of some of the below artists and bands... we just also happen to be of the humble opinion that their names SUCK THE MOST!

The List


Oh god... You know you're onto a bunch of goons when they deliberately start trying to be controversial and hip by injecting their name with unnecessary punctuation.

You maniacs of the English language, you !!


A doggies body heat generally ranges from around 101F to 102F. Dogs control the temperature of their bodies by doing a bit of panting, which expels the heat by way of evaporation. All well and good, BUT if he doesn't get rid of the heat fast enough, the temperature of his body will rise. A rise as small as a mere 3 degrees is enough to send your doggy into a pretty tricky situation and heat stroke is NOT a dog's best friend.

The inside of a car on a hot summers day is like an oven. The type of oven where the heat can jump a blistering 34F per minute! People have been known to smash through car windows to rescue doggies in need, but surely nobody thought anyone would call a band 'Dogs Die in Hot Cars' ? Well, somebody did... and its a stupid name for a band.


This band's erm... interesting name came from a backing line in an old song called 'Little Darling' by a group called The Diamonds.

"It just had the right feel," says guitarist Russ Field. Did it Russ? Did it still feel right after a legal fight over the name Showaddywaddy cost you 35,000 ??

35 big ones to hold on to a name like Showaddywaddy...


These douchebags debut single had exactly the same name.... oh, wait... and that was also the name of their debut album. So that's Living in a Box with... Living in a Box which is off... Living in a Box.

Surely someone had to be taking the p*ss no? Not surprisingly, none of their follow up singles ranked as highly.

Who could have seen that coming, what with all their oodles of creativity and all ???


This actually doesn't seem so rediculoid when you consider that they were initially called The Sex Maggots (more names like that to come on our run-down). Luckily a club owner enlightened them as to how stupid their name was and suggested that they might want to tone it down to something slightly less stupid if they expected to get booked for a gig... and thus became the Goo Goo Dolls.

In fairness to them though, they do acknowledge their own stupidity: "We were young and we were a garage band not trying to get a deal. We had a gig that night and needed a name. It's the best we came up with, and for some reason it stuck. If I had five more minutes, I definitely would have picked a better name". Fair enoughski.


First of all, not only a stuuupid name. Its a stuuuuuuuuuuuuupid band (imo). This band is everything that is wrong (and did I mention stupid?) about commercial bands. Ever heard their music ? If you have heard just one of their songs, you have heard the full scope of their song writing abilities. These guys are the kings of 'If it sells... then milk it to death'. Their recipe for success goes a little something like this:

1. Take a staccato pianoey type thing and put a line of lyrics in the pauses between the staccatoey pianoey bits.

2. Repeat the same phrase over and over and over and OVER for the chorus.

3. Lightly pepper in some people going 'oooowwwwoooooo' endlessly in the background.

4. Repeat for every song you release into the charts.

Well done, you suck and your name sucks too. Please leave my ears alone. Rant over.

21: KAJAGOOGOO the name you get when you phonetically translate the noises a baby makes (seriously - that's the meaning behind their name) - and with a bit of artistic alteration, it becomes even more stupid.

Also notably crap, is the lead singer's name Limahl.. which is a lame anagram of the real life surname of real life Chris Hamill.

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